zondag 14 mei 2017

Licht en Donker

There’s darkness involved. In the world we live in. Many people suffer, many people search for the light. The light side of life. In the light side of life, darkness is not welcomed. It has to be out of our world to live the life we want to see. Banish all darkness on the side way.

Escapism. Because we see the darkness everyday. Really close. On the news, in the eyes of our neighbours who are afraid of strangers, afraid of life itself, seeking for truth, a safe and comfortable truth. The naked truth. Is bold and ugly. It it filled with fear and anger, with deep grief about the sadness of our world. At the same time it is enlightened as hell. A warm and loving fire, cheerful bliss and a caring attention to each other.

Darkness and Light.
Mmmmmmm I like the taste of it.

You simply cannot enlighten by banning the darkness away. Darkness want to be seen, in a gentle and loving way, nourished, so it can soften and release it’s sticky cramp and demanding attitude.
If I coach people it is so beautiful to see when they embrace the darkness inside themselves, really embracing yourself in áll aspects. Wauw …… it gives instant relief and deep relaxation. Letting go of this tension: ‘Darkness YOU are nót allowed here! And the darkness grabs of course everything that’s there to hold on to and stick!’ to let this go, brings joy, opens up. People start to feel proud that they are taking care of themselves by give space to all of the darkness and all of the light in themselves. This relief ……… hmmmmmmm so nice!

And, what we can do on a personal level, we can do in the world. Embracing the darkness in the world like we embrace the darkness in ourselves.

* * *

Thoughts came up after a visit to the SS Museum Wewelsburg in Germany.